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Links To Other Website Favorites

I have added and will continue to add, some of my favorite websites that pertain to comfort, simplicity, good health, and positive living.  I am adding some of my favorite business websites too.   Please take a moment to check them out.  Enjoy!

National Shrinkwrap
This company is based in Howell, New Jersey.  They make and manufacture shrinkwrap systems.  The systems are used to wrap soaps, candles, dvd's, baskets, cosmetics, etc.  Just about anything you want to wrap, Art Marko, the owner, will help you choose the right system and the right film.  They have different size systems and all of them have a free arm sealing wand that makes it so easy.  They also have shred, bows and lots of other packaging supplies.
Absolutely Organic Skincare
This is a website with all natural, organic cosmetics, lotions, etc.  You won't believe what is in the stuff you use everyday.  Check this out to get the real deal on the toxins that are in products we use everyday.  You can buy safe here.
My Looney Pets

This is an incredibly FUN site where you can show off your pets and talk to other pet owners.

The Surprise Party Box

This is a great site to send some special person a "surprise party box".  So many choices for any occassion filled with all kinds of scrumptious candy and treats.   They even have Steeler black and gold boxes.  Check it out for a unique way to tell someone you care.