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Catalog: Boo Boo Huggies
for your little one's Boo Boos

For years parents have told me that their children will not hold an ice pack when they get a boo boo.  They have used my small Hotpak Huggies for this.  The problem with that is that it takes at least 12 hours to freeze them and then, if you want to microwave them, you have to bring it to room temperature.  So a time factor is involved. 

I started making Boo Boo Huggies, little 6" to 8" animals filled with a non-toxic water-based gel that doesn't freeze solid, it freezes a mooshy ice so it's still huggable.  These Boo Boo Huggies cannot be microwaved, only frozen so they stay in the freezer all the time, just waiting to comfort a child if they are hurt.  It is also great to use for fevers.  Each one comes with instructions.

I have had such a great reception to this product and parents tell me their kids love them.  They are so cute and huggable.