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Catalog: Small Hotpak Huggies
For the little ones in your life.


Or if you just want a smaller Hotpak Huggy.  These small Hotpak Huggies are filled with a non-toxic gel pack just like the big ones but the gel pack is smaller.  They are 12" in size unless otherwise stated.  Perfect for ages 6 and under.  They weigh about 2 pounds so its easy for little ones to carry it around.  These Hotpak Huggies heat up in 2 to 3 minutes and stay warm for 2+ hours.

What's also good about the small Hotpak Huggies is that they make perfect cold packs.  Just place it in the freezer and when needed, it will bring comfort, and hopefully a smile, to little ones that have gotten bumps and bruises.  We now have Boo Boo Huggies, little animals that live in the freezer.  Check out our Boo Boo Huggy catalog.

At this time we only have a few small Hotpaks Huggies available.  So Sorry.  More will be available again later this year.  I do have the Large and extra large ones available also.  Thank you.

If we do not have an animal that you want, please let us know.  We take requests seriously and if we get enough requests to warrant making a certain animal, we will make it happen.  So please let us know through the comments page.

Please check out our other catalog pages, Hotpak Huggies and EZ Heating Pads.    Thank you!