EZ Heating Pads
Heat them in the microwave, cool them in the freezer!


Our EZ Heating Pads are made with  non-toxic water-based gel packs.  

The EZ Heating Pads come in two different sizes.  9" X 16"  and 5" X 32".  The 9" X 16" is a 2-panel gel pack heating pad, meaning I use 2 long gel packs that are put into a rectangular fleece cover that is bevelled. This helps keep them from slipping to one side and evenly heats the pad.  They stay warm for over 3 hours, all night long under covers, after they are heated up in 30 second increments.  The 5" X 32" is a 2 gel pack long heating pad that stays warm for over 3 hours, all night long under covers.  You can heat them up and put them inside your jacket to keep warm on those cold days.  They are all sewn with a nylon thread so you don't have to worry about them ripping.  Pictures of the different patterns available are on the catalog page.

All of the EZ Heating Pads can be put in the freezer and be used as a cold pack.  They don't freeze solid, they freeze a mooshy ice so you can still form them to where ever you need them.

Whether it be your back, legs, hips, feet, shoulders, neck or any other part of your body, EZ Heating Pads will help you to feel better.

 Use the rectangular ones for your back and tummy.  Use the long ones for your neck and shoulders.  Put them at the foot of your bed to keep your tootsies warm.  EZ Heating Pads can be used for ear aches and tooth aches, for menstrual cramps and back aches or just simply to keep warm and cuddly.


  • EZ Heating Pads are nice to snuggle up with on chilly evenings.  My kids and I heat them up and hug them and each other as we watch TV. 
  • My cats love to snuggle up next to them.  You can hear them purr from a mile away.  Just be careful of their claws, they may knead them and put holes in the gel pack.  Many of my customers buy them for their dogs and tell me that they really love them.
  • Many of my customers use them to put children to sleep. For example, when my neice was very young she hadn't slept through the night in years.  I gave her mom an EZ Heating Pad to try.  She heated it up for her at bedtime and she started sleeping through the night.  Most of my smallest customers use the little Hotpak Huggies to go to sleep with.
  • Use as a casserole dish warmer and place your food on it to keep it warm.
  • EZ Heating Pads can be used for moist heat.  Mist the fabric lightly or place a glass of water in the microwave.
  • EZ Heating Pads can be used as COLD PACKS!  They freeze a mooshy ice, not a solid brick, so you can mold them to go where ever you want them.  Cold packs are great for bruises, headaches, bumps, overheating, toothaches, and swelling.  Place them in a ziplock bag and freeze them.  I always have one in the freezer in case one of my grandkids falls and gets a booboo (now I have a product called Boo Boo Huggies for little ones, check them out.)  They love the contact and the comforting hugs don't hurt either.  EZ Heating Pads can also be taken from the freezer to the microwave for moist heat, but they must be brought to room temperature before you do this.

INSTRUCTIONS: All you have to do is heat them in a microwave oven for 30 seconds at a time, taking them out each time and smooshing the gel around.  Do this until it is hot enough for you.  Microwave ovens vary as to how much wattage they have so test out different times to get the maximum heat.  Each heating pad comes with complete instructions that explains how to do this.

 CARE:  The material is fleece and is easy to clean.  Hand wash and air dry.

With proper care your EZ Heating Pads will last for many years.  


So give the gift of comfort and convenience this year.  The EZ Heating Pads are so nice they look like decorative pillows.  You can leave them on the couch or on the bed.  You can leave them in plain sight and within reach instead of hiding them in a drawer and forgetting about them.  It's real easy to get into the habit of using them.


Give the gift that keeps on giving all year or treat yourself!